The AP has called the race for Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.), who faced the toughest reelection campaign of his career.

Grijalva had declared himself the winner Wednesday but his Republican opponent, Ruth McClung, hadn't conceded.

He has pulled ahead by almost 6,000 votes as more ballots get counted.

McClung hasn't officially conceded but said: "After all the votes are counted, I'm prepared to concede victory."

Meanwhile, Grijalva's fellow Arizona Dem, Gabrielle Giffords, is still awaiting the outcome of her race.

Giffords leads Republican Jesse Kelly by about 3,000 votes — about 30,000 votes remain uncounted. 

Elections Director Brad Nelson told the Arizona Daily Star he hoped to process another 17,000 votes today, leaving about 13,000 provisional ballots outstanding. By state law, those must be counted by next Friday.