Following his narrow reelection victory, Georgia Rep. John Barrow (D) said he won't vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) to become minority leader in the next Congress.

"Congressman Barrow will not support Nancy Pelosi for Democratic leader, nor will he vote for her for Speaker," Jane Brodsky, Barrow's spokeswoman, told the Savannah Morning News in an e-mail.

Barrow was hit for supporting Pelosi by his Republican challenger, Ray McKinney, during the campaign. He subsequently saw his winning percentage cut by 9 percent from 2008.

Barrow supported Pelosi when she sought leadership positions in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

But after a sustained effort by the GOP, support for Pelosi has become politically toxic for some Democrats — particularly those in southern states. Earlier this week, another Georgian, Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr. (D), declared he wouldn't back Pelosi's new leadership bid.