Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) isn't taking her political future for granted despite raking in more than $13 million last cycle.

She blasted an e-mail to her supporters Tuesday asking for contributions to help with a possible rematch against state Sen. Tarryl Clark (D).

Bachmann pointed to a recent e-mail Clark released that hinted she may pursue a grudge match with the Republican.

"With Barack Obama at the top of the ticket she's likely hoping to 'ride his coattails' to victory and see me defeated once and for all," Bachmann wrote.

"And it appears she may be starting to amass an even larger war chest then she did in this last election cycle. FEC records show that my opponent raised more money then any Democrat challenger in the entire country, and she has the capacity to raise even more money if she challenges me again."

Clark raised $4.3 million last cycle, but has only about $66,000 left in the bank, according to her post-election FEC report. Bachmann has slightly less than $2 million.

She asked for contributions to help with her next reelection bid and to "support [her] outspoken opposition to [President] Obama's socialist agenda."

--Updated at 2:15 p.m.