Rep. Jim Jordan's opposition to Speaker John Boehner's short-term debt-ceiling increase could cost him his job. The Columbus Post-Dispatch reports that Boehner and his allies are so angry at Jordan that they might tear his congressional district to bits in redistricting.

Jordan (Ohio), the head of the conservative Republican Study Committee, was called to the carpet after an RSC staffer was caught emailing outside conservative groups and asking them to lobby Republican House members to vote against the bill. After Jordan apologized to Boehner (Ohio) and his fellow Republicans for the staffer's actions, at least one House member yelled "fire him," according to sources in the room.

Boehner has been intimately involved in Ohio's redistricting process. The state is losing two congressional seats because of weak population growth. While Republicans control the whole process, demographic realities mean they must ax one Democratic and one Republican district.

Jordan's transgression against party leaders might cost him his seat. Post-Dispatch sources close to the redistricting process said it was the "final straw" and that he is not a "team player."

While this hurts Jordan, three other Republicans might be rooting for this outcome. GOP Reps. Jean Schmidt and Bill Johnson were the two most expected to lose their districts, and with Jordan gone, Republican portions of his district could go to swing-district freshman Rep. Steve Stivers.