Democrats are launching new Web ads focused on Republican efforts to craft an agenda for the next year, charging the blank slate they're working from is evidence the GOP has little to offer voters.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hitting 30 incumbent Republicans with Google search ads, shared first with The Hill, that direct voters looking for information on their representative to


At that site a user will find a "404" error message, much like the page that pops up when a website is broken.

"GOP agenda not found," the page reads. "No jobs. No reform. No budget. No ideas."

The site is riffing off a recent report that revealed a number of House Republicans met last week to begin crafting the party's agenda for 2014 and were handed a blank page labeled "Agenda 2014."

While the blank page was intended in the meeting to symbolize the fact that the House GOP will start from scratch in building its agenda for the next year, Democrats have ridiculed the report, saying it's evidence of what they've argued all along about Republicans: The party has nothing to offer voters.

"The people of Illinois looking for solutions on the following issues will find nothing," reads the release on the new ads hitting Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.).

"A plan to create jobs? No. Comprehensive immigration reform? Nope," the release adds.

The attack plays into Democrats' strategy for 2014, to run candidates seen as "problem-solvers" against Republican incumbents the party is characterizing as obstructionist and ineffective.

But Republicans are confident the botched ObamaCare rollout will continue to be a problem for Democrats well into next year.

“Wait, so Democrats are launching another Web site that doesn’t work?" said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Daniel Scarpinato in an email to The Hill, a reference to the still-glitchy ObamaCare enrollment sites.

"While House Democrats are still scrambling to cover-up their broken promises and broken Web sites, House Republicans are focused on patient-centered health care reform, a balanced and responsible budget and transparency and accountability in Washington.”

--This piece was updated at 3:20 p.m.