Right-wing radio host Mark Levin is endorsing Virginia Del. Barbara ComstockBarbara Jean ComstockElection Countdown: Minnesota Dems worry Ellison allegations could cost them key race | Dems struggle to mobilize Latino voters | Takeaways from Tennessee Senate debate | Poll puts Cruz up 9 in Texas GOP lawmaker suggests male Dem leaked Ford’s confidential letter Dems look to women to take back the House after Kavanaugh fight MORE (R) in her bid to succeed retiring Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.).

Levin's nod gives Comstock a boost with the conservative base against what could be a crowded GOP field.


"I believe it's important to send some solid Reaganites, traditional, Constitutional conservatives, to Congress and the sooner the better," Levin said Wednesday night on his radio show.

He said he has known and worked with Comstock for more than two decades and wanted to "endorse her wholeheartedly."

"And I'm not the only conservative who is going to endorse her," he added.

Comstock, a former Wolf staffer who has been active in both state and national party politics for decades, is the establishment favorite to succeed Wolf in the slightly Republican-leaning district.

Virginia state Sen. Dick Black (R) is also running and has some support from religious conservative and Tea Party activists, as well as a history of controversial remarks. A half-dozen other Republicans are seriously weighing runs for the seat.

Local Republicans have yet to decide whether to select their nominee in an open primary or a convention. The latter setting could give an advantage to a conservative candidate.

Levin isn't the only big Republican name to support Comstock. Mitt Romney, who Comstock worked hard to elect president, tweeted an endorsement shortly after she announced her bid earlier this week.