Republican groups dropped two new ads into the Florida special election on Tuesday, one knocking Democrat Alex Sink while the other features former Gov. Jeb Bush endorsing Republican David Jolly.


In the attack ad, part of a $500,000 reservation made by conservative group American Action Network, Sink is hammered for her career in banking and issues with the state’s pension fund while she was Florida Chief Financial Officer.

The ad features a bucket of water developing holes as it’s filled at a kitchen sink, spilling water all over the floor.

“Alex Sink For Congress? Isn’t Washington already a mess?” the narrator says at the end.

In the other ad, backed by the Chamber of Commerce, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush touts Jolly as the candidate who “know[s] how to get things done.”

“With all the dysfunction in Washington, your next congressman needs to know how to get things done. That’s Dave Jolly,” Bush says.

Jolly’s faced attacks from Democrats on his career as a lobbyist, but he’s defended his career as having given him the skills he’ll need on Capitol Hill to fight for the district’s needs in Congress, as Bush characterized it.

With both private and public polling showing a tight race for the swing district, outside groups have already invested more than $4 million in the race through March 11 to sway the outcome.