The chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party has been calling Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) since Tuesday night to ask for his resignation, but has yet received no response.


A source close to the state party tells The Hill that Chairman Roger Villere has repeatedly tried contacting McAllister via phone and email, but that the calls go straight to voicemail and the emails haven’t been returned.

Villere, the source said, was able to get McAllister’s chief of staff, Adam Terry, on the phone Tuesday night for a heated conversation about the congressman’s future, but that discussion hasn’t led to direct contact with McAllister.

A local newspaper earlier this week published video footage of the married congressman and father of five kissing a female staffer

McAllister acknowledged the video and apologized for it, but said he has no plans to resign. His prospects for reelection, however, have dimmed, and a number of his former opponents from last year's special election are considering another bid against him.