A staffer for Rep. Vance McAllister (R-La.) who was accused of leaking the "kissing" video of the congressman has resigned.

Monroe district office manager Leah Gordon quit her position late Wednesday, McAllister chief of staff Adam Terry told The Monroe News-Star.

Terry said Gordon wasn’t fired. 


“We won’t terminate or discipline any employee until after our internal investigation of the security breach is complete,” Terry said. “[Gordon] resigned on her own.”

A West Monroe-based minister, Danny Chance, told The Monroe News-Star last week that he had evidence Gordon had a copy of the video footage. 

Gordon, however, denied the allegations.

The video, which was taken last December, showed McAllister kissing former staffer Melissa Peacock, and went viral earlier this month when it was leaked to a local newspaper and posted online.

McAllister, who is married, has said he won’t resign from Congress. Peacock was taken off the congressman’s payroll after news of the video spread.  

The congressman considered requesting an FBI investigation into the leaking of the video, but decided against it.

A number of Republicans have called on McAllister to resign, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R).