The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee outpaced its GOP rival in the first fundraising quarter of 2014, topping $23.6 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee's $21.2 million.


The DCCC pulled in $10.3 million in March, edging the NRCC's $9.9 million, and has $40.2 million in the bank to the NRCC's $31 million as the committees head into the peak of election year. Neither committee is carrying any debt.

The haul is almost double what the DCCC had raised at this point in 2012.

"Americans across the country are speaking up and joining the effort to bring responsible leadership to Washington and stop this reckless Republican Congress that shut down our government and brought the nation to the brink of default," DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward said in a press release.

The two parties are battling for a small number of competitive seats this election cycle, and the national climate seems promising for a good Republican year that could lead to modest pickups in the House. But the DCCC's cash advantage could give them an important edge them this fall.