Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) is more than 400 signatures short of qualifying for the primary ballot, according to a new report released by the Wayne County Clerk's office.


According to the Detroit News, Conyers submitted just 592 valid signatures for the August Democratic primary, far short of the 1,000 he needs to qualify. 

The clerk has until Tuesday to make a final decision on whether or not Conyers's name will appear on the ballot. If not, as appears likely, the 84 year-old civil rights icon and House Judiciary Committee ranking member will either be forced into retirement or have to run a write-in campaign for a seat he's held for decades.

Conyers's primary opponent, Rev. Horace Sheffield (D), challenged the petitions Conyers's campaign submitted.

The incumbent's campaign originally submitted 2,000 signatures, 1,192 of which were initially deemed valid. But the clerk says two of the petition-gatherers apparently weren't registered Michigan voters at the time, invalidating the approximately 400 or so signatures they gathered. Conyers's campaign says they were registered late because of a clerical error. If the clerk rules against Conyers, he can appeal to Michigan's secretary of state.