National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) is shooting for a major expansion of his party's majority in the midterm elections.


Walden and the NRCC are launching the "Drive to 245," with the goal of netting a dozen House seats and growing the GOP's majority to one of the largest in the last century.

"This ambitious effort is going to take substantial resources and dedication given the commitment President Obama has made to taking out our members," Walden said in a statement.

"But I'm confident that with so many outstanding recruits in districts all across the country, and with the wind at our backs, that we will continue to expand the playing field and rise to this challenge. If we do, maybe we can finally send Nancy Pelosi into retirement and back to San Francisco."

The campaign is aimed at increasing fundraising, and upping donor and activist engagement.

National polling shows the GOP is in a good position to make House gains, though picking up a dozen seats could prove difficult.