The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is reserving nearly $44 million in fall airtime across 36 districts in preparation for the uphill battle they’re facing this fall.


According to a DCCC aide, it’s the largest reservation ever placed by the committee, and with it they’re targeting 17 pickup opportunities and defending 19 incumbents.

The reservations could shift with the House landscape, as more seats come into play or get taken off the map. But the early reservations allow the committee to save as much as 35 percent on airtime.

The Democratic committee has consistently outraised its GOP counterpart this cycle, boasting $43.3 million in the bank at the end of April, $11 million more than the National Republican Congressional Committee.

And it looks like they plan to use every penny as they battle a difficult climate in their pursuit of the 17 seats they'll need to take back the majority this fall.

Some of the committee’s largest buys are geared toward protecting incumbents, like the overall $1.4 million the committee’s spending in the expensive Boston-Manchester market to defend Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.), starting in early October, or the six-week, $2.2 million buy in the Phoenix media market aimed at supporting Rep. Ann KirkpatrickAnn KirkpatrickHispanic Dems aim to expand footprint beyond traditional Latino districts Members of Congress not running for reelection in 2022 Democrats brace for flood of retirements after Virginia rout MORE (D-Ariz.).

But they’re also spending millions on offensive opportunities, like the race for retiring Rep. Frank WolfFrank Rudolph WolfBottom line Africa's gathering storm DOJ opinion will help protect kids from dangers of online gambling MORE’s (R-Va.) seat, where the committee has reserved $2.8 million in the Washington, D.C., from Oct. 21 through the election.

The choice to telegraph their fall buys allows outside groups barred from coordinating with them to take a peek at the DCCC’s strategy and plan accordingly — but it also gives Republicans the opportunity to counter-strategize.

The full list of buys follows:

AR-02 (Open/Griffin)

10/21-11/4: $625K for Little Rock Broadcast

AZ-01 (Kirkpatrick)

9/2-10/6: $2.2M for Phoenix Broadcast and Cable

AZ-02 (Barber)

10/14–11/4: $700K for Tucson Broadcast and Cable

AZ-09 (Sinema)

10/21–11/4: $1.3M for Phoenix Broadcast and Cable

CA-10 (Denham)

10/21–11/4: $1.1M for Sacramento Broadcast

CA-07 (Bera)

9/9–10/20: $500K for Sacramento Cable

10/21–11/4: $1.2M for Sacramento Broadcast and Cable

CA-21 (Valadao)

9/9–9/22: $200K for Bakersfield Broadcast

9/2–9/22: $150K for Bakersfield Spanish Language Broadcast and Cable

9/9–9/22: $400K for Fresno Broadcast

9/2–9/22: $250K for Fresno Spanish Language Broadcast and Cable

CA-26 (Brownley)

9/23–11/4: $950K for Los Angeles Cable

CA-31 (Open/Miller)

9/23–11/4: $625K for Los Angeles Cable

CA-52 (Peters)

9/19–10/13: $1.4M for San Diego Broadcast and Cable

CO-06 (Coffman)

10/21–11/4: $1.4M for Denver Broadcast

CT-05 (Esty)

10/24–11/4: $670K for Hartford Broadcast and Cable

9/23–11/4: $90K for New York City Cable

FL-02 (Southerland)

9/30–10/20: $400K for Tallahassee Broadcast and Cable

9/30–10/20: $385K for Panama City Broadcast and Cable

FL- 26 (Garcia)

10/21–11/4: $970K for Miami Spanish Language Broadcast and Cable

GA-12 (Barrow)

9/2–10/6: $490K for Augusta Broadcast and Cable

9/9–10/6: $670K for Savannah Broadcast

IA-03 (Open/Latham)

9/5–10/20: $1.3M for Des Moines Broadcast

IA-04 (King)

10/21–11/4: $440K for Des Moines Broadcast

10/21–11/4: $230k for Sioux City Broadcast

IL-10 (Schneider)

10/21–10/27: $800K for Chicago Broadcast and Cable

IL-12 (Enyart)

9/12–9/29: $940K for St. Louis Broadcast

10/21–11/4: $940K for St. Louis Broadcast

IL-13 (Davis)

10/21–11/4: $940K for St. Louis Broadcast

9/30–10/20: $670K for Champaign Broadcast and Cable

MA-06 (Tierney)

10/28–11/4: $965K for Boston-Manchester Broadcast

10/7–11/4: $460K for Boston-Manchester Cable

MI-01 (Benishek)

9/2–9/22: $450K for Traverse City Broadcast

10/14–11/4: $490K for Traverse City Broadcast

MI-07 (Walberg)/ MI-08 (Open/Rogers)

10/21–11/4: $290K for Lansing Broadcast

MI-07 (Walberg)/ MI-08 (Open/Rogers)/ MI-11 (Bentivolio)

10/21–11/4: $850K for Detroit Broadcast

MN-07 (Peterson)

10/14–11/4: $1.5M for Minneapolis-St. Paul Broadcast and Cable

MN-08 (Nolan)

10/7–10/20: $1.1M for Minneapolis-St. Paul Broadcast and Cable

NH-01 (Shea Porter)/ NH-02 (Kuster)

10/7–10/20: $1.7M for Boston-Manchester Broadcast

10/7–10/20: $650K for Manchester WMUR Broadcast

10/7–10/20: $200K for Boston-Manchester Cable

NJ-03 (Open/Runyan)

8/12–11/4: $650K for Philadelphia Cable

8/12–11/4: $640K for New York City Cable

NY-01 (Bishop)

9/9–10/20: $1.4M for New York City Cable

NY-11 (Grimm)

8/12–10/13: $950K for New York Cable

NY-21 (Open/Owens)

10/21–11/4: $480K for Albany Broadcast and Cable

10/21–11/4: $140K for Watertown Broadcast

10/21–11/4: $200K for Burlington-Plattsburgh Broadcast

NY-23 (Reed)

10/21–11/4: $300K for Buffalo Broadcast

10/21–11/4: $165K for Elmira Broadcast and Cable

PA-06 (Open/Gerlach) / PA-08 (Fitzpatrick)

10/21–11/4: $1.9M for Philadelphia Broadcast

TX-23 (Gallego)

9/23–10/13: $940K for San Antonio Broadcast

VA-10 (Open/Wolf)

10/21–11/4: $2.8M for Washington DC Broadcast and Cable

WV-03 (Rahall)

9/2–9/22: $300K for Bluefield-Beckley Broadcast

10/21-11/4: $200K for Bluefield-Beckley Broadcast

9/2–9/22: $435K for Charleston-Huntington Broadcast

10/21–11/4: $290K for Charleston-Huntington Broadcast