The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee again outraised its Republican counterpart last month, bringing in $10.9 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s $9.6 million.


That brings the Democrats’ House campaign arm to a total $25.3 million raised for the second quarter, $5.6 million more than the NRCC raised over the same period. 

And Democrats ended June with $50.9 million cash on hand to $42.5 million cash in the bank for Republicans.

The DCCC has consistently outraised its Republican counterpart this cycle, buoyed by multiple fundraisers headlined by President Obama and the prolific fundraising abilities of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.).

Democrats’ money advantage has allowed them to reserve a significant chunk of fall advertising time: $43.5 million thus far, and $13.5 million more than the NRCC has reserved.

But the DCCC still faces steep odds in picking up the 17 seats Democrats would need to take back control of the House this fall, with a tough political climate and historical trends favoring Republicans.