GOP nominates former Air Force Lt. Col. to take on Sinema

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers defeated former Arizona State University quarterback Andrew Walter for the chance to take on Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) this fall.

Rogers took 59 percent support to Walter’s 41 percent support, when The Associated Press called the race.

Rogers’s nomination gives Democrats an early and easy opportunity for attacks, due to comments during her unsuccessful 2012 congressional run, when she suggested she wants to see Social Security “phased out.”

But Republicans are hopeful she could put female voters into play in the district. The GOP believes Sinema, who once aligned herself with the Green Party while in the state legislature, is still an odd fit there.

Since coming to Congress, however, Sinema has tacked to the center, working with Republicans on pro-veterans legislation, and has proven to be a strong fundraiser.

Indeed, Republicans privately admit the freshman is seen as the least vulnerable of the three targeted Arizona Democrats this fall.