The National Republican Congressional Committee has secured a $20 million credit line to help close its fundraising gap with Democrats ahead of November’s midterm elections.


House Republicans are poised to pick up seats this fall, according to national and district-specific polling, but GOP strategists are worried their weaker fundraising might leave some seats on the table.

The NRCC has raised $33 million less than the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this year, and the DCCC has $9 million more cash on hand heading into the campaign's homestretch.

The credit line gives the NRCC flexibility to spend more than what they have, and is similar to the $20 million credit line House Republicans took out last year, when they ended up borrowing $12 million in total.

A source says it's unlikely the committee will end up borrowing the entire amount.

House Democrats are weighing taking out a credit line of their own, as they have in past cycles.