Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei is calling for an official Ethics Committee investigation into his opponent, Rep. John Tierney's (D-Mass.), financial disclosures, with a new website, adding tinder to an escalating fire in the fight for Massachusetts's 6th district.

Tisei's call for an investigation is an attempt to keep the focus on the scandal that currently swirls around Tierney's family and threatens to engulf the congressman himself. Tierney's wife, Patrice, received over $200,000 from her brother's illegal gambling business, a sum Tierney didn't disclose publicly because he's said it was a gift from family.

But officials from good-government groups Common Cause and the Sunlight Foundation quoted in the Boston Globe said that the Ethics Committee should look into the gift, and Tisei is now calling for an official investigation into the situation.

"The voters ought to be able to count on their congressman to be honest and open. If a mistake occurs, admit it, correct it and move on," said Tisei. "The voters have gotten everything except transparency from John Tierney."

Tisei's campaign launched to keep the pressure on the congressman, offering voters links to news reports and original documents concerning the scandal and Tierney's financial disclosures. It's strikingly similar to a site,, launched by the Massachusetts Democratic Party on Thursday attempting to highlight Tisei's family's court troubles.

--This post was edited at 2:57 p.m. to clarify the position of Common Cause and the Sunlight Foundation.