"Three times they said no to God. That's Patrick Murphy's party. Are those your values?" the ad's text reads.


Democrats faced an outcry from religious and pro-Israel groups when it was revealed that mentions of God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which were included in the party platform in 2008, were missing from this year's platform. After President Obama intervened, the language was reinstated, but the vote on the changes brought chaos from delegates on the floor of the convention.

West has been an outspoken supporter of Israel and has criticized Obama before for not doing enough to protect the country's security.

The description below the advertisement on YouTube says that West "is leading the fight against the radical left's attack on God and Israel," and asks supporters to contribute money to his campaign. The lawmaker earlier issued a release on the platform changes, but has now turned the debacle on the convention floor into a campaign ad.

He faces a tough challenge in Murphy, and the most recent Democratic poll of the race put them neck-and-neck. Democrats believe this is one of the races that they may be able to win to bring them to a majority in the House.

Watch the ad: