West, despite out-raising Murphy 5-to-1, trailed by less than 3,000 with 100 percent of Florida's 18th District reporting, according to MSNBC.

West, a Tea Party favorite, has not conceded, and it is unclear whether there will be a recount. Florida law requires a recount if the margin is 0.5 percent or less of votes cast.

The race produced particularly memorable ads, with West using Murphy's mug shot from an underage drinking incident in one and a political action committee backing Murphy using a caricature of West punching elderly women and taking money from a family in another.

West, known for his bombastic comments — he has asserted that some House Democrats are communists and suggested that the government "should be censoring ... American news agencies" — has been a top Democratic target from the outset.

As of mid-October, according to The Palm Beach Post, the race was one of the most expensive House races in the nation, with outside groups and the candidates pouring a collective $23 million into the contest.

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