"The voters of Florida's 18th Congressional District deserve to have their ballots counted properly. Congressman Allen West has asked election officials in St. Lucie County to count all early voting ballots, and I strongly urge them to do so in order to erase any existing concerns about irregularities in the tabulation process," said Priebus in a statement.

St. Lucie County officials recounted only three days of early ballots, which they say were initially affected by a machine malfunction.

That recount caused a shift in the number of votes counted in the final tally, a result that prompted West's campaign to file a complaint in a county circuit court requesting an injunction to force St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker to recount all eight days of early ballots.

Florida secretary of state, Ken Detzner, announced Tuesday that he would send three auditors to St. Lucie County to investigate voter tabulation and machines that led to skewed results.

West remains .58 percentage points behind Murphy in the most recent tally of votes, just short of the .5 percentage point threshold required to trigger an automatic recount.

Murphy declared victory this past weekend, and is currently attending orientation activities with new members of Congress. West is also on the Hill for the lame-duck session of Congress.

But the result of the race will not be officially certified until Friday.

Priebus' engagement in the race reflects the national attention it has been given. It's one of five House races nationwide that have not yet been called, but Priebus has not yet weighed in on the other four.

But the RNC chairman said in his statement that the recount is "not about any one candidate," but rather about "preserving and protecting the integrity of our democratic system."

"Regardless of the outcome, voters have the right to know the process was fair and that the results accurately reflect their will," he said.