"It was canceled by Sanford's people. They called us and canceled it. The reason they gave us to let us know it'd been canceled is they needed to spend more time in the district," said the source.


Several members of the South Carolina delegation had initially been less than enthusiastic about helping Sanford in his political comeback, and had argued for the National Republican Congressional Committee to not help his campaign. 

After trespassing allegations leveled by his ex-wife came to light last Tuesday, the NRCC decided to cut him off. South Carolina Republicans members also began privately discussing whether or not they were still willing to participate in the fundraiser.

The source declined to speculate on whether Sanford's move was aimed at preemptively canceling the event before the delegation did it for him.

Sanford faces a tough race against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch despite the district's heavy Republican lean. National Democratic groups are spending heavily to help Colbert Busch, while Sanford has so far been on his own with no national support from the party or outside groups.