The American Action Network, a center-right advocacy group, is spending $250,000 targeting 20 House Republicans in 10 states to engage "key local leaders" and rallying support for the House to tackle immigration reform "in a methodical, step-by-step way."

It has also combined with the American Conservative Union and Americans for Tax Reform, two heavy-hitting conservative groups, to create a research packet of economic data, polling statistics, talking points and other information for members to use while explaining their immigration views to their constituents.

"The immigration system is broken and Americans want Congress to find a real solution through a step-by-step methodical approach,” said AAN President Brian Walsh. "The Conservative Immigration Support Network will deliver important an important message to Congress this August to continue their work on conservative immigration reform."

The biggest hurdle for any immigration reform is getting enough House Republicans on board, and the effort is designed to help members inclined to support a bill defend their positions, and as a counter-pressure to anti-reform conservative reaction in local town halls.

Conservatives are hoping they'll be able to avoid the type of hostile lobbying Democrats faced during the summer recess as the Affordable Care Act was being considered.