There are going to be countless unforeseen repercussions from the healthcare reform bill -- and contentious Democratic primaries may be one of them.

Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.), who won by 32-points last cycle in a district President Obama carried, voted "no" on Sunday and now several prominent African-American leaders back home in Savannah are accusing him of abandoning his black constituents.

"He has no respect for the people of color who are the majority of people who voted for him," the Rev. Bennie Mitchell Jr. told the Savannah Morning News. "There is no way I can support him."

More than 60 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in Georgia's 12th district are black.

Other former supporters are gravitating to Barrow's primary opponent, Regina Thomas (D), who publicly backed the measure.

"These people are stunned," Thomas, a former state senator, told Georgia Public Broadcasting. "They were given hope and he took the hope away. Evidently he is pleasing the Republicans, and some who say they'll vote Democrat but their actions lean toward voting for the other side. Maybe these are the people he is trying to please, but they're certainly not the ones who put him in office."

State Reps. Bob Bryant (D), who backed Barrow two years ago, and Mickey Stephens (D), who was neutral in 2008, have endorsed Thomas.

(h/t Political Insider)