Actor Danny Glover is leading the charge on a petition from the liberal for liberal economist Paul Krugman to replace Tim Geithner as Treasury secretary.

"We urge you to nominate Paul Krugman for Treasury secretary," the petition reads. "Krugman will protect Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts, promote policies to create jobs and help defeat the austerity dogma in Washington and around the world."

Krugman, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, is a popular columnist for The New York Times. He has at times criticized both Obama and Geithner from the left, and recently wrote that he found Geithner's impending resignation from Obama's Cabinet to be "reassuring."

Glover, an actor and liberal activist, sent the petition to members on Sunday; as of Monday morning, it had been signed by 184,000 members, with a revised goal of 200,000 backers from the group.

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew is seen by most as the front-runner to replace Geithner.