Weiner has kept a low profile since he resigned office in June 2011 after news surfaced that he had been texting explicit pictures to women through text messages.

The New York Democrat has long been rumored to be seriously considering running for mayor, either through a challenge to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) or as a successor when Bloomberg left office.

According to the campaign filings, Weiner's campaign spent $52,500 on campaign consulting research and $54,000 on polling. The research and polling was done by David Binder Research in San Francisco, California. Weiner also spent about $7,000 on rent for office space in New York, according to the campaign filings.

The filings will add to speculation that Weiner is planning a return to politics and will campaign for mayor of New York. Weiner reportedly also has a warchest $4.3 million in campaign funds.

But the polling and research is essentially the only spending Weiner did for March, which could also suggest that he is not planning a serious run for mayor.

Asked if he was planning to run for mayor Weiner responded in an email that there was "nothing to report," according to New York.