Marijuana legalization measure passes in Nevada
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Nevada voters on Tuesday approved a ballot measure that will allow adults over 21 to use marijuana for recreational purposes.


The measure was backed by groups like the Marijuana Policy Project, long-time supporters of liberalizing marijuana rules, and by investors who see business opportunities in the legal marijuana market.

Supporters raised and spent about $2.8 million on Question 2. A coalition of opponents, led by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, spent $2.1 million on advertising warning of the consequences of legalization.

The state's fiscal watchdog said it could not estimate how much tax revenue legalized marijuana would generate, but a report issued by RCG Economics and the Marijuana Policy Group found pot would ad as much as $7.5 billion to the state's economy.

Nevada joins Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska, states where voters approved legalization measures two and four years ago. Voters in four other states -- Massachusetts, Arizona, California and Maine -- are deciding Tuesday whether to legalize marijuana.