President Obama'a popularity fell in all 50 states over the course of 2010, according to new data from Gallup.  

Heading into the 2012 election cycle, the numbers show Obama's popularity dropped by double-digits during the past year in a number of key states the president won in 2008, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota and Florida. In all of those states, Obama's approval rating is below 50 percent.     


On the low end, Obama's approval stands at just 27 percent in Wyoming. On the high end, Obama's home state of Hawaii registers the highest approval rating for the president — 66 percent. 

Five of the states where Obama's approval is at its lowest are in the West, while the majority of the states where Obama enjoys the highest ratings are in the largely Democratic Northeast. New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut all rank among the 10 states most approving of the president.

The state where Obama saw the largest drop in approval last year was Vermont, where his ratings declined by 15 points. Next was Arizona, where the president saw a 14.5 percent drop in his approval. 

Even in heavily Democratic states like Maryland, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts, the president's approval dropped by at least 10 percentage points over the course of the last year.  

The numbers are based on Gallup daily tracking data taken between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of last year, with a sample of 179,503 adults. The overall margin of error is plus-or-minus 1 percentage point.