Newt Gingrich stands to benefit if Herman Cain were to withdraw or lose support in the Republican presidential race, according to a Public Policy Poll released on Tuesday.

Gingrich has a much better favorability rating with Cain supporters than does Mitt Romney. Seventy-three percent of Cain supporters view Gingrich favorably, while only 33 percent have a favorable view of Romney.

Gingrich is also the consensus second choice among Cain voters, with 37 percent saying Gingrich would be their back-up to Cain, compared to 14 percent for Michele Bachmann, 13 percent for Romney, and 12 percent for Rick Perry.

On Tuesday, Cain told supporters he was “reassessing” his campaign in light of the latest allegation against him, this one from an Atlanta businesswoman who says she had a 13-year-long affair with the candidate.

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO said he was worried that the new allegation, which follows previous allegations of sexual harassment, would cause “too much of a cloud” over his campaign, but said he would continue as long as his wife and family supported his efforts.