Romney took 34 percent in the survey, nearly doubling-up the next closest candidate, Newt Gingrich, at 18 percent. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are tied for third place at 15 percent, followed by Rick Perry at 9 percent and Jon Huntsman at 4 percent.

Romney and Gingrich were tied for the lead at 28 percent in the same poll taken in mid-December. That’s a 10-point drop for Gingrich in the last month, while Romney has gained 6 percent in the same time frame.

Romney’s lead widens in hypothetical two-person races for the GOP nomination. He leads Gingrich 59 percent to 37 percent, Santorum 60 percent to 37 percent and Paul 67 percent to 31 percent.

Still, as has been the case in polls leading up to the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, a majority of voters say they could still change their minds. Fifty-six percent said they might still change their minds, compared to only 37 percent who said they had settled permanently on a candidate.

Once again, Romney benefits from his perceived electability – 55 percent said Romney is the GOP candidate with the best chance of defeating President Obama.

Recent polls also show Romney leading in the next two primary states of South Carolina and Florida.