Gingrich took 35 percent, followed by Romney at 31 percent, Rick Santorum at 20 percent and Ron Paul at 7 percent.

The poll has a 4 percent margin of error.

Gingrich has staked his campaign on a “Southern strategy,” and his only victories to date have come in South Carolina and in his home state of Georgia.

Earlier this week the former House Speaker canceled campaign stops in Kansas to focus on Mississippi and Alabama, which his campaign manager R.C. Hammond has said are must-wins if he is to remain a viable candidate.

Gingrich leads in Alabama, according to a survey released Friday by conservative polling outlet Rasmussen, although that race is essentially a three-way tie, with Gingrich at 30 percent, Santorum at 29 percent and Romney at 28 percent.

There has been very little polling in Alabama, however, and no consistent front-runner has emerged from those results.

Both of these polls are encouraging for the Romney campaign, as the former Massachusetts governor has so far been getting crushed by Gingrich and Santorum in the Southern states.