Obama leads Romney 45 percent to 43 in Florida, 45 to 39 in Ohio.

Both polls have a 4 percent margin of error.

A lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy continues to dog Romney.

In Florida, a majority of Romney supporters, 52 percent, said they weren’t voting for Romney, but rather against Obama, compared to only 32 percent who said they were voting for the former Massachusetts governor. Conversely, 75 percent of Obama supporters said their vote was in favor of the president, not against Romney.

Still, there are a number of openings for Romney with Florida voters.

The president’s job approval rating in Florida is under water, with 43 percent saying they approve, versus 48 who disapprove. The economy is likely to be the top issue in the fall general election, and a majority of Floridians, 55 percent, say they don’t see any signs that the economy is improving, versus 40 percent who say the economy has turned the corner.

Obama’s underlying fundamentals are considerably stronger in Ohio.

The president’s job approval rating, which was under water by 9 percent last month, is now almost even, at 46 percent approval and 47 disapproval. Obama also has a positive favorability rating compared to Romney, whom only 36 percent view favorably and 46 view unfavorably.

The lack of enthusiasm for Romney is even more pronounced in Ohio than it is in Florida. Only 29 percent of Romney supporters said they would cast a vote in favor of the former Massachusetts governor, compared to 63 percent who said their Romney vote would be a vote against Obama.

The president won Florida and Ohio in 2008, and both states will be critical in determining the outcome of the 2012 election.