"Colorado Hispanics have been hit hard by the recession, but these numbers suggest that Mitt Romney's economic message is not resonating. We've seen a significant movement from 'undecided' towards Obama in the past year," said Jason León, PNA's director of national outreach, in a statement.

The president posts an 11-point lead with women and a 27-point lead with unaffiliated voters.

"A 27-point margin for the President among Unaffiliated voters is surprising," said Jill Hanauer, president of Project New America, in a statement. "Colorado elections are won among Unaffiliated voters, mostly in the suburbs of Denver. Mitt Romney has a steep hill to climb with this group."

Colorado's nine electoral votes are expected to be among the most hotly contested in November's presidential contest. Romney is scheduled to campaign with supporters in Craig, Colo., on Tuesday morning.