The president's lead in both surveys was buoyed by a significant lead among female voters.

“Driving the president’s lead on the ballot is a significant 13-point gender gap,” said pollster Celinda Lake in a statement. “Currently, a 52 percent majority of women is supporting Obama, while just 43 percent are voting for Romney. Among men, Romney is ahead by just 4 points, well within the survey’s margin of error: 47 percent to 43 percent.”

In selected cross-tabs provided from the New Hampshire survey, it also appeared that the president had successfully sold some of his policy proposals to the voters in the state.

In the survey, 81 percent of voters said they "favor creating jobs by investing in repair of roads, bridges and schools." Half of those surveyed said they favored ending tax credits for businesses that ship jobs overseas — a point the president hit repeatedly in the debates — and 57 percent said they opposed efforts to privatize Medicare.