Mitt Romney leads President Obama by 4 points, according to the latest Gallup daily tracking poll, released Sunday.

The survey finds Romney at 50 percent support among likely voters to Obama’s 46. The numbers show a 1-point drop over Saturday’s 51 to 46 lead for the GOP nominee.

The poll finds Obama up among registered voters, though, with a 48-47 advantage.  That figure reflects a 1-point loss for Romney from Saturday, where the two presidential contenders were tied at 48 percent.


Gallup’s poll is a rolling seven-day average through Saturday Oct. 27 and includes 5 days of survey data after the third and final presidential debate held last Monday in Boca Raton, Fla. 

The Gallup survey has shown larger leads for Romney compared to other polls of likely voters, with surveys putting Romney ahead by 5 to 7 points for much of last week. 

The Real Clear Politics Average of polls on Sunday showed Romney ahead, but by a slimmer 47.9 percent to 47 margin.

Other polls released this week also give the former Massachusetts governor a slight edge, with a little over one week until election day.

A survey from Republican-affiliated Rasmussen released Sunday put Romney up 3 points, with 50 percent support to 47, while an ABC News/Washington Post poll put Romney up 1 at 49-48. An Associated Press/GfK poll released last week also put Romney up, with a 2-point 47-45 advantage.

But polls of swing-states, which will likely determine the election show a much closer race.  

A poll from a consortium of Ohio newspapers released Sunday showed Romney and Obama tied at 49 percent support.  

A CNN/Opinion Research poll Friday, though, put Obama up 4 in the Buckeye state at 50-46. An ARG poll similarly gave the president the lead, but by a smaller 2-point margin among likely Ohio voters.   

Polls in Virginia show a similarly close race. A Washington Post poll released Saturday had Obama up 51 to 47, while a Gravis poll the same day showed a 48-48 tie.

In Florida, Rasmussen has Romney up 2 at 50-48 percent support.

Florida, Virginia and Ohio are among 12 battlegrounds which voted for Obama in 2008 and which will likely determine the outcome of this year's contest.