The latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll continues to show a dead heat between President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney, two days before the election.

The poll released Sunday shows each candidate pulling 49 percent support from likely voters nationwide. One percent prefers another candidate, with 1 percent still undecided. 


Those figures include those who have already cast an early ballot. Rasmussen found Obama holds an edge among those who have voted early, with Romney leading among those who say they will vote on election day. 

Romney holds a 9-point edge among crucial independent voters. 

“It’s somewhat surprising that heading into the final weekend of the election season, we are unable to confidently project who is likely to win the White House,” pollster Scott Rasmussen said in a statement announcing the polling data.  “But the race for the White House remains close because of the economy. Most Americans do not feel better off than they were four years ago, but most are not feeling worse off either.”

The Rasmussen survey is one of a handful released this weekend which show the race between Romney and Obama deadlocked nationally. 

NBC News/Wall Street Journal found Obama with a slight 48-47 lead in their poll released Sunday, while ABC News/Washington Post found the candidates knotted at 48 percent support each. 

Polls in the key battlegrounds which will likely determine the race also show a close contest. 

A Columbus Dispatch poll released Sunday showed Obama up 2 points, at 48-46, in Ohio. Other polls there show a lead for Obama.

In Pennsylvania, a traditionally Democratic stronghold in presidential votes, where Romney will stop Sunday, a Tribune Review poll showed the candidates tied there with each receiving 47 percent support.  Other polls, though, show Obama up with Public Policy Polling (PPP) giving him a 6-point lead and Allentown Morning Call/Muhlenberg College’s poll putting the president up 3.

A Des Moines Register poll released late Saturday shows Obama up 5, with 47 percent support in Iowa to Romney’s 42. 

A Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Mason-Dixon poll shows Romney up 6 in Florida, with 51 to 45 percent support.

Both candidates are spending the final two days crossing the nation, hoping to rally supporters and sway undecided in these key battleground states.

Obama will visit New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Colorado on Sunday, with Romney stopping in Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The Rasmussen poll has a 2.5-percent margin of error.