Reports of Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher's (D) demise appear to be premature.

Through signs of potential trouble in his Tuesday Senate primary with the underfunded Jennifer Brunner, Fisher has opened up a 17-point lead in the latest Quinnipiac poll of the race. He leads the Secretary of State 41-24 after holding just a 33-26 lead in the last Q poll.

Perhaps most notable in Quinnipiac's new numbers is the following: Fisher is leading Brunner 43-24 among women, which is even better than his numbers among men. Without a majority of women, Brunner stands virtually no chance.

Fisher, who had yet to lead by double digits in any other polling on the race, has opened the lead thanks to a $900,000 cable media buy and more than $3 million spent overall. Brunner has spent less than $1 million.

That Fisher has been able to use his large cash advantage to open up a lead on Brunner is not surprising. It would have been more noteworthy if he hadn't been able to do so. Still, the poll is likely to sooth some Democratic worries about Fisher's fate on Tuesday.

He'll be a heavy favorite, but the primary has cost him most of his money. If he wins the primary, the two months of fundraising between May 4 and the end of June will be massive for his campaign's prospects.