A new poll shows John McCain with a comfortable lead over primary opponent J.D. Hayworth. The incumbent senator leads Hayworth 54 to 28 percent in a Rocky Mountain Poll released Tuesday.

The results give Hayworth only a slim chance of defeating McCain. The former congressman would have to capture all of the currently undecided primary voters to come within eight points of McCain. He'd then have to get Independents to cross over.

Independents can vote in either the GOP or Democratic primaries in Arizona.

Among the 20 percent of Independents who lean toward voting in the GOP primary, Hayworth gets 43 to McCain's 46 percent. If he can get traction on issues other than just border security, he may give McCain a scare.

McCain's reelection worries wouldn't end after the August primary, according to the poll.

In a match up against Democrat Rodney Glassman, McCain's share of the vote goes down to 46 percent. Glassman, the vice mayor of Tucson, gets 24 percent, with 30 percent undecided. Meanwhile, Hayworth polls only 37 percent against Glassman.

The survey was conducted by the Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center April 12-25.