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AFL-CIO-affiliated super-PAC launches ad campaigns in Nevada, Ohio

The super-PAC, Workers’ Voice, is spending $50,000 on a full-page takeover of the Las Vegas Sun‘s website, with ads running on the homepage that tell voters that the “Romney-Ryan-Heller plan” would hurt seniors by doubling costs and raising the retirement age. The group says the Nevada ad is the first paid ad focusing on the Ryan budget launched by an outside group unaffiliated with the parties.

{mosads}The ad will also run across Nevada microtargeted at seniors who could be in play in the race — those who are undecided, moderate or have low partisanship scores.

It’s an issue that Democrats hope will play big in Nevada, where Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) is battling incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) in a close race. Heller has the distinction of having voted for the Ryan budget plan while serving in both the House and the Senate, though he voted against it this year.

With Ryan campaigning and fundraising in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the super-PAC is hoping its attack can begin to crystallize the issue for voters.

Workers’ Voice is also launching a mailer to 100,000 homes in Ohio that connects Romney to deaths from black-lung disease. It features a quote from AFL-CIO Chairman Richard Trumka describing his father’s death from the disease, which he says is evidence for “why we can’t afford people like Mitt Romney who are putting corporate profits before worker health and safety.”

It attempts to make the connection between the Ryan budget and cuts to protections for miners, slams Romney for taking millions from the oil, gas and coal industries and highlights Bain Capital’s business practices, which it says hurt employees to make money.

The mailer comes out as Romney stumps in Ohio and is expected to focus particularly on the coal industry, aiming to attack Obama for out-of-control regulations that cost miners jobs, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

While it could focus voters’ attention on the Democratic arguments on coal, the mailer could also cause a bit of a headache for Obama. A recent ad launched by a pro-Obama super-PAC that tied Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital to the death of the wife of a steelworker laid off due to Bain’s restructuring of the worker’s company brought ire from Republicans, with the Romney campaign calling it “misleading” and asking Obama to condemn it.

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