Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) will join the GOP outside-spending groups American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, the organizations announced Thursday night.

Barbour is a fundraising juggernaut who was chairman of the Republican National Committee in the 1990s and, more recently, headed the Republican Governors Association. He has close ties to K Street from years as a lobbyist, which will help his fundraising.

The Crossroads groups, which were formed by top Republican strategists including Karl Rove, raised more than $71 million combined to help the GOP in last years elections, and announced last week that they were doubling their fundraising goals this cycle from $120 million to $240 million.

Both Governor Barbour and Karl Rove are prodigious fundraisers and brilliant strategists, and we are honored to have them both engaged with us,” Crossroads President Steven Law said. “We are reaching high in our fundraising goals because we believe this is going to be a destiny-shaping election for our country.”

The groups already have $25 million in the bank and will likely be the biggest players among outside groups next election. Barbour, who considered a presidential run earlier this year before deciding against it, will work for the group in a volunteer capacity.