New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Friday reiterated he is not running for president.

In a visit to Buffalo, N.Y., Thursday, Cuomo acknowledged a recent poll by Siena Research Institute that showed his job approval was at an all-time low — lower than that of N.J. Gov. Chris Christie (R). 

“It said Chris Christie has better numbers for president than I do,” Cuomo said.

“Yeah, because he’s running for president, and I am not,” he said, according to The Buffalo News.


Christie would defeat Cuomo 47 percent to 42 percent, the poll found, in a hypothetical 2016 match-up for president. 

“Hillary Clinton is ‘apparently’ running for president of the United States, and I should also say Chris Christie is ‘apparently’ running for president of the United States,” Cuomo added. “I – very apparently – am not.”

Despite a group in New York pushing for him to run, the governor has said “no” before, when asked whether he intends to pursue the White House.

Cuomo said he is much more focused on his 2014 reelection campaign. He was first elected to lead New York in 2010. 

His father, former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo (D), was also urged to run for president in 1988 and 1992. He was even considered the front-runner for the Democratic ticket before the cycles began. However, he wound up not running in either election.

According to an April column this year in the New York Post, Cuomo “quietly conceded” to aides that he wouldn’t run for president if Clinton does.

The former secretary of State is predicted to be the front-runner for the Democratic ticket in 2016. She has not yet, however, formally announced a bid.