Michele Bachmann has been endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, a leading social conservative best known for her 1970s fight against the Equal Rights Amendment. She will campaign with Bachmann in Iowa, where the Minnesota congresswoman has pinned her hopes for a comeback.

"Michele has the courage to be a leader among her peers," Schlafly said in a statement obtained by the Des Moines Register. "She is a real champion in speaking up for values we care about. Michele is a woman of faith and the mother of a beautiful family. She has a 100 percent pro-life record and is a strong supporter of traditional marriage."

Schlafly's influence has waned since the 1970s, but she remains prominent in some cirlces and is remembered well by older social conservatives. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is fond of quoting her 2010 statement that "Jesus is not on the ballot" to point out that none of the current candidates is perfect.

It is unlikely the Eagle Forum founder will push many voters toward Bachmann. But her support indicates that social conservatives remain split between many candidates, even as Newt Gingrich emerges as the front-runner in the race.