President Obama’s reelection campaign is adding to its fundraising arsenal with a new committee that will raise campaign cash in battleground states.

The Obama campaign on Tuesday filed documents with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to establish the Swing State Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee (JFC) that will focus on critical 2012 states such as Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

“The Swing State Victory Fund will allow supporters who would like to contribute to individual state efforts to elect the president and Democrats up and down the ballot,” an Obama campaign official told The Hill in a statement.


The Obama reelect is on pace to break fundraising records for the 2012 election cycle and has raked in more than $150 million for the president and the Democratic Party so far. Some have speculated that the Obama campaign could become the first to raise $1 billion.

The Democratic National Committee already has a JFC with the Obama campaign — called the Obama Victory Fund — that has raised millions of dollars from donors who cut $35,800 checks at fundraising events. Under the law, $5,000 of that contribution can go to the Obama reelect, with the rest going to the DNC.    

The new JFC will help party committees at the state level fill their coffers as Democrats try to hold the White House and Senate and recapture the House.

Ann Marie Habershaw, the chief operating officer of Obama for America, is the treasurer for both of the joint fundraising committees, according to FEC documents.

The Swing State Victory Fund includes 11 Democratic state committees and Obama for America. It includes Democratic committees in Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. 

Colorado Democratic Party spokesman Matt Inzeo said his organization is not sure how the committee will impact fundraising.

“We're certainly grateful for all the support we get, and between keeping Colorado blue for President Obama and running strong races ... in two top-tier Congressional races, we need people's support and have a lot to do,” Inzeo said.

Norm Sterzenbach of the Iowa Democratic Party expressed enthusiasm for the effort.

"We are excited to be a part of the first phase of The Swing State Victory Fund that will allow supporters who would like to contribute to Iowa’s efforts to elect the President and Democrats up and down the ballot," he told The Hill in a statement.

— Daniel Strauss contributed to this report. Updated at 2:56 p.m.