Mitt Romney's new campaign ad features his wife, Ann, talking about his character — and could be seen as implicitly tweaking rival Newt Gingrich for his own personal life.

"You can never predict what kind of tough decisions are going to come in front of a president's desk," she says in the ad as old pictures of the couple scroll by. "But if you can trust they will do the right thing, and maybe the hard thing, and maybe not the popular thing, and if you really want to know how a person will operate, look at how they've lived their life."

The ad seemingly seeks to counter perceptions that Romney is a flip-flopper for changing his mind on a variety of issues. It also could be read as a slight against Gingrich, who is on his third marriage, with a woman he began dating while he was still married. Romney's campaign has reportedly sought to draw the contrast between the two on the matter.

This is the second ad of this nature to be released this week; Rick Perry's campaign also has an ad of his wife touting his values.

The ad will go on the air in Iowa on Friday and run through next week.

Watch it here: