President Obama's reelection campaign brought in $35 million during March, while the Obama Victory Fund took in $18.7 million.

The March totals for Obama's campaign and the Victory Fund, a joint committee shared by his campaign and the Democratic National Committee, dwarfed what Republicans and Mitt Romney raised in the same month. But Obama's campaign didn't have the burden of an expensive primary battle, and was free to focus on storing up cash for the fall. 

Romney raised more than $12.5 million in March — his best month yet of the campaign — and the Republican National Committee raised $13.7 million. 

But Obama's campaign entered April with $104 million in the bank — more than 10 times the $10.1 million that Romney had. His joint committee had another $37.5 million on hand.

The president's reelection campaign spent $15.6 million last month, and his joint committee spent $22 million.

The RNC ended March with $32.7 million on hand, but the committee also has almost $10 million in debt to pay off.

Romney and the RNC recently started joint fundraising, and the RNC also has a $22 million trust to use on the presidential race that has been completely filled.