La. governor: 2016 polls don't matter now
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Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) brushed aside his lagging poll numbers on Sunday, insisting he would be a strong contender in 2016 if he decides to seek the White House.


Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Jindal said his early numbers – he was eleventh among potential GOP candidates in one poll – weren't that different than when he first ran for governor.

“If I were to decide to run, it wouldn’t be about poll numbers,” Jindal said.

The Louisiana governor said he had proven he could both slash the budget and grow the economy as an executive, as he battled back against accusations that he had flip-flopped by now opposing the education standards known as Common Core.

Exit polls from November said that seven in 10 Louisiana voters didn’t think Jindal would make a good president, but the governor chalked that up to his ability to take on entrenched interests in the state.

“This is not about politicians who are popular by kissing babies and cutting ribbons,” Jindal said. “This election’s going to be about big ideas and big change.”