Ron Paul's presidential campaign has released a memo Tuesday reiterating that the Texas lawmaker remains in the race for the White House.

"Let me be very clear. Dr. Paul is not ending his campaign," Paul chief strategist Jesse Benton wrote. "As Dr. Paul has previously stated, he is in this race all the way to the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August."

The memo promises that Paul will continue to fight for delegates and seek to influence the party's platform despite his decision not to campaign in states that still have primaries.


The memo concedes that Mitt Romney will be the nominee, but argues that "our delegates can still make a major impact at the National Convention and beyond" by making sure the Republican Party "adds solid liberty issues to the GOP platform, which our delegates will be directly positioned to approve."

The memo cites monetary policy reform, prohibitions on indefinite detention and Internet freedom as three issues Paul delegates will fight for in the party's platform, and repeated the campaign's statement to The Hill on Monday that Paul will be in Minnesota for this weekend's Republican convention to fight for more delegates.

Paul backers have had success winning delegate slots at state party conventions in caucus states — they represent a majority of delegates from Iowa and Maine as well as in Nevada, where most will be bound by RNC rules to vote for Romney at the convention.

"By sending a large, respectful, and professional delegation to Tampa, we will show the Party and the country that not only is our movement growing and here to stay, but that the future belongs to us," Benton writes.