Priorities USA, a super-PAC that supports President Obama, won't touch on Mitt Romney's Mormonism in its attacks, the group's head told The Hill Monday morning.

"We are ruling that out," Priorities USA senior strategist Bill Burton said. "I don't even see the point in engaging in this conversation too much. ... The campaign said they wouldn't engage on it. I haven't heard of any Democrat who has said that should be touched."

Burton contrasted that approach with some top Republican strategists' push to tie Obama to his former pastor, the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, as was done in the 2008 presidential race. After a New York Times report revealed some top GOP strategists were pushing a super-PAC to run ads on the topic, Romney condemned the plan and the group's head said he had no plans to back it.


"They've got an ocean of money on their side to go after the president and some will be dedicated at the most vile attacks," Burton said. "They're not playing for the most gentle of falls."

Priorities USA has run ads attacking Romney's time in the private sector. Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a Democrat, blasted both parties for negative campaigning this weekend, calling the attacks on Romney's career "nauseating."