Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) is blaming pop star Justin Bieber and football player Tom Brady for the nation’s lack of attention on fiscal problems.


Speaking to “Fox News Sunday” about balancing the budget, Kasich said these celebrities are distracting people from focusing on more pressing issues like trimming away at the more than $18 trillion national debt.

"If we would go to a convention, instead of kids focusing on Justin Bieber and Tom Brady and deflated footballs, maybe they’d start thinking about Ben Franklin and Jefferson and Madison and Monroe and we could renew our country,” Kasich said.

The Republican governor, who is seen as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, is touring the country to raise support for a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to balance the budget.

Kasich said his efforts in Ohio to balance the budget should be a model for Washington. He pointed out that when he took over as governor, the state was $8 billion in debt. It now has about a $1.5 billion surplus and has added nearly 300,000 jobs.

He urged congressional Republicans to follow through on their campaign promises to be fiscally responsible by balancing the budget.

“I hope they’ll do something about it now that they have a majority,” Kasich said.