Clinton: 'Disclosure is not enough' to limit money in politics
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Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonHow to stand out in the crowd: Kirsten Gillibrand needs to find her niche Ex-Clinton aide: Dems should make 2020 'about integrity' Trump mounts Rust Belt defense MORE elaborated Tuesday on her previous comments calling for campaign finance reform, saying that “disclosure is not enough” to limit the influence of very wealthy individuals in politics.

“What good does it do to disclose if somebody's about to spend $100 million to promote their own interests and to defeat candidates who would stand up against them?” she said, while appearing at an event in New Hampshire. “What good does that do?"


"We need to get this corporate and unchecked money out of politics even if it takes a constitutional amendment,” she said, echoing her previous comments on the issue.

She also suggested that her support for limiting big money in politics could influence her choice of Supreme Court nominees.

"If I can think of another way to do it, if I get enough appointments as president, to put different people on the court, maybe that would work,” she said.

Clinton said in Iowa last week that campaign finance reform was one of the “four big fights” that her campaign will put front-and-center.

In doing so, she could bring new focus to the impact of the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United ruling — which allowed corporations and unions to give unlimited amounts of money to super-PACs. Legislative efforts to push back against the ruling have been unsuccessful.

Her support for reform also aligns her with some progressive groups that have been looking to push her further to the left in the lead up to the election.

The Republican National Committee criticized Clinton over the comments.

“Hillary Clinton is the last person who should be talking about disclosure given that her foundation repeatedly failed to meet disclosure requirements regarding foreign donors while she was Secretary of State," RNC spokesman Michael Short said.

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