Fiorina: Warren is 'wrong' on crony capitalism
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina on Saturday said Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenDemocrats call on Biden administration to ease entry to US for at-risk Afghans Biden stiff arms progressives on the Postal Service Trump by the numbers: 2024 isn't simple MORE (D-Mass.) was utterly mistaken on her strategy for dealing with government favoritism of corporate interests.
“Crony capitalism is alive and well,” Fiorina said during National Review’s NRI Ideas Summit in Washington, D.C.
“Elizabeth Warren of course is wrong with what to do about it,” she told host John Fund.
Fiorina, a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, said Warren had tackled the issue by pushing for more government regulations. That approach, she argued, was doomed to fail.
“The more complicated government gets – and it’s really complicated now – the more powerless the small and little people are for dealing with it,” she said of Warren’s position.
“Government over the last 40 years has become a vast, corrupt, unaccountable net of bureaucracy,” Fiorina continued.
“There is a huge gulf between what people think about the political class and what the political class thinks people think,” she added. “It stacks the deck against them.”
Fiorina cited the struggle of many small businesses under tangled regulations as proof of her argument.
“They forget Google started in a dorm room,” she joked of politicians and their rush to govern every start-up.
The former executive said the liberal tendency towards big government was a repellent one.
“This is what enrages me about liberal policies,” Fiorina said of bureaucracy hampering economic growth.
“They claim to care about people’s lives while destroying lives,” she claimed.
“This is not compassion,” Fiorina added. “It is disrespect of the highest order.”
Fiorina’s remarks come amid rumors she will announce her presidential campaign on Monday. On Saturday, she dismissed criticisms over her of previous political experience.
“I am by no means a political neophyte,” Fiorina said.
“I also really do understand how bureaucracies actually work,” she said. “People out there are not troubled by the fact I have not held elected office.”
Many Democrats have also urged Warren to seek the Oval Office, but the Massachusetts lawmaker said earlier this year she does not plan on making a bid.